TV Tip-overs Part 3

Children's Safety Blog urges you to secure your TV to a wall.
The picture to the left is a how NOT to do it manual for placing a flat panel TV in your home. If you don’t think this is a tragedy waiting to happen you are kidding yourself. 
Here are some common sense thoughts on preventing TV Tip-overs in your home.
The Physics of TV Safety
Flat Panel Televisions weigh anywhere from 45 – 90 pounds and that weight is spread out over a lot of square inches. This problem is magnified by this large, oblong mass being mounted on a narrow plastic stand. The end result is an inherently unstable structure. It won’t take much force for a flat panel to wobble and fall.
The weight of the TV is magnified dramatically when the object is falling. The impact of the TV hitting a small child is not just 45 pounds+ but a lot more. Include the effect of sharp edges and broken glass and you can figure out the rest.
Safest Place to Mount Your Flat Panel TV is on a WALL
The safest place for your flat panel TV is on a wall. It’s that simple. If the TV is properly mounted then it will be secured to the wall and cannot tip over. BTW, whatever money you saved when you bought your brand new Plasma / LED TV…reinvest it in a very sturdy wall mount. Make sure the mount can handle at least twice the stated weight of the TV.
If You Cannot Mount Your Flat Panel to a Wall then Tether it to a Stud in the Wall
If for some reason you cannot mount your flat panel TV on a wall, tether it to a stud in the wall. The best hardware for this job is an all steel system using aircraft cable that will bolt to the TV’s VESA mount. Always, always, always anchor your TV to a stud in the wall. In the next post we will discuss the different tethering systems.
If you have to install your flat panel TV on a stand make sure you also tether the stand to a stud in the wall, especially if the stand is low to the ground.
Never Leave Objects on Top Of an Unsecured TV
This one drives me batty. No matter whatever excuse you have there is no good reason for you not to secure your flat panel TV. But, if you choose not to do the smart thing let me give you a safety tip. Toddlers and young children in general are curious and love to explore. Placing objects, like the red hat in the picture, on top of an unsecured TV or any piece of unsecured furniture will entice a young child to take a risk that could end up with a really tragic disaster.