The goal of the Children’s Safety Blog is to make the world a safer place for our kids. We hope to accomplish that goal through education. Our blog posts will inform you about multiple child safety issues. Whenever possible we will present reality based methods for avoiding or resolving those issues. We will use text, infographics and videos to accomplish that goal.
I have been heavily involved in the child safety movement. Over the years I have worked continuously to raise consumer and industrial awareness of the dangers of furniture and TV tip-overs. Additionally, I am a member in good standing of ASTM’s furniture safety committee.
People grow and expand their horizons. I started the Lambert Foundation for Child Safety to create a more comprehensive view of child safety issues and to help create solutions. The Children’s Safety Blog is part of the Lambert Foundation for Child Safety. If we can save one child because of this Foundation’s efforts then we’ve done our job. Click for more information on the Lambert Foundation for Child Safety.
Bob Lambert